Trauma Insurance for Doctors

As a doctor, you see firsthand the devastating effects that critical illnesses can have on your patients and their families. Along with the emotional and physical effects, there can also be major financial impacts from critical illness.

The concept for trauma insurance came from Dr Marius Barnard, a South African cardiac surgeon who was involved in the world’s first heart transplant.

Dr Barnard said that whilst he could repair a person physically, only the insurers could repair them financially.

Trauma insurance, also known as critical illness insurance, can arm you with the funds to fight through a period of serious illness. It can provide sufficient funds to access the best medical care in the world, whilst allowing you to emerge at the end with your financial health still in check.

The experts at Dr Insurance can help put together a comprehensive yet affordable insurance package that will help to secure the financial security of your family in the event of critical illness.

Product Snapshot

What is it?

Trauma Insurance.

When does it pay?

When you suffer a specified event such as heart attack, stroke or cancer.

What does it pay?

A lump sum amount, determined upfront by you and your adviser.

Who should have it?


How much is it?

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