Public Liability Insurance

One of the most important forms of insurance for the medical and allied health sectors is public liability.

Whilst public liability insurance is generally not relevant to doctors and other medical professionals who are employed on a wage or salary, it is vital for those working as contractors or running their own business.

Public liability is by no means the only form of insurance required in the medical sector, but it is a vital part of the package for those who need it.

What is Public Liability?

Public liability is designed to protect a business and its owners from certain financial costs involved when another person suffers a personal injury or property damage as a result of the business and its activities.

When we are talking about ‘another person’ we are generally talking about clients, patients or other members of the general public. It does not include staff employed by you, who would generally be covered by a worker’s compensation type of cover.

In normal circumstances if you or your business was at fault you would be liable for the financial costs, however with the right public liability insurance policy you can rely on the insurer to meet the costs.

Each policy will have a maximum sum insured that you are covered for. The amounts available are $5, $10 and $20 million, and the amount required in each case can differ depending on your needs.

Who Needs Public Liability?

Generally speaking, public liability will be required by any business or self-employed person who is at risk of causing property damage or personal injury to other people.

A doctor or other medical professional who works on a wage or salary only will generally have no need for public liability, but if they do any work as a contractor or in their own business then they will likely need cover.

Public Liability for Doctors

Public liability insurance is important for virtually all business types, and there are plenty of situations in the medical and allied health sectors where it can come in handy.

A common claim for a doctor running their own surgery could be as simple as a patient or visitor slipping over and hurting themselves within the premises.

For doctors or other staff visiting clients in their home, a claim could involve something as unlucky as knocking over and breaking a valuable antique vase.

It is important to remember that public liability insurance does not cover you for any advice or treatment that you provide.

To cover your advice and treatment you need to consider a policy which covers medical indemnity and malpractice. These covers are separate to public liability, however they can be packaged together.

Cost and Quotes

The cost of public liability insurance for doctors and other professionals in the allied health sector is very affordable considering the protection that it provides.

Your premiums will vary depending on a number of factors such as the type of work you undertake and the size of your business.

The easiest way to obtain a quote is to use an insurance broker who understands and specialises in medical and allied health. Here at Dr Insurance we have access to such brokers, and can put you in contact with an expert who can assist you.

For more information on public liability or any other form of medical insurance please contact us.


Product Snapshot

What is it?

Public Liability Insurance.

When does it pay?

If you cause personal injury or property damage.

What does it pay?

Costs up to the maximum sum insured.

Who should have it?

Any person or company exposed to legal liability.

How much is it?

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