Doctors Insurance – What to look out for

For most people comparing life insurance or income protection they will be looking at a fairly standard set of factors.

When considering life insurance most people will look at the premiums, the reputation of the insurer and the features and benefits of the policy.

But for doctors the situation is very different, and unless you delve deeper into the policy definitions you could find yourself being short changed.

Doctors and medical professionals are exposed to some fairly unique risks on a daily basis, and the consequences of these events can be life changing.

If you had taken out a comprehensive life insurance package and suffered an event such as blood splashback, bone dust inhalation, needle stick injury or occupationally acquired HIV, you could be forgiven that your insurer would look after you.

Unfortunately not all insurance policies are the same, and you find that most life insurers will not cover all of these events in the same way, it at all.

As a doctor or medical professional applying for life insurance, income protection, TPD or trauma insurance, you need to make sure that the policy covers all of the risks that you face at work. This is the only way to know that you are fully protected financial should the worst happen.

Researching life insurance and income protection policy fine print to check these details isn’t exactly brain surgery, but it can be time consuming if you are not dealing with the policies on a daily basis.

You could spend many hours researching the range of policies yourself, but why take the risk of missing something when you can use the services of a medical insurance specialist for no extra cost?

When you enquire about your insurance through Dr Insurance you will be referred to Mark Rothnie, a qualified and licensed financial adviser who specialises in providing life insurance and income protection solutions to doctors and medical professionals throughout Australia.

The difference between having the right policy and the not-so-right policy can mean the difference between a successful claim and an unsuccessful claim. Why pay insurance premiums unless you know you have the right policy in place that will look after you at claim time?

Don’t risk you and your family’s financial security – trust the professionals to look after your life insurance and income protection needs.