AIA Needlestick Insurance Benefit for Doctors

One of the greatest fears for a doctor or anyone dealing with blood is the risk of contracting a serious disease such as Hepatitis B, C or HIV.

People often talk about life changing events, but few could be more life changing for a doctor than contracting a Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Needlestick Injury Insurance

A number of Australian insurance companies include special cover for needlestick injuries via their life insurance and income protection policies.

By having the needlestick option included in your policy, you can be financially protected in the event of contracting HIV, Hepatitis B or C.

The amount of cover as well as the structure can differ between the different insurance companies, so it is important to use an insurance adviser who understands the medical industry well and knows which policies will suit your individual needs best.

AIA Needlestick Benefit

AIA Australia is one of Australia’s leading life insurance companies, and they offer needlestick injury benefit through their life insurance and income protection policies for doctors.

This feature provides a benefit of up to $1 million under your life insurance cover if you contract Hepatitis B, C or HIV as a result of a needlestick cover.

You will also be financially covered via your income protection policy, which will cover any reduction in income as a result of contracting HIV, Hep B or C.

Importantly, a claim under your needlestick benefit will not affect your life insurance or trauma insurance benefit.

To be eligible for needlestick benefit with AIA you must be a medical professional with tertiary qualifications in the medical or allied fields.

Case Study

The following case study has been provided by AIA, and demonstrates how their needlestick benefit can help doctors who have been put into the worst situation.

Harry’s policy:

  • $1 million Life Cover, $1 million Crisis Recovery as a rider benefit and $1 million Needlestick Injury Benefit
  • Income Protection (with Needlestick Injury as a built in benefit).

Harry has been a medical practitioner for 10 years and routinely performs venepuncture on his patients. On one particular day, he completes yet another venepuncture, but as he withdraws the needle from the patient’s flesh the patient’s arm slaps against his and the needle slices through the latex and deep into Harry’s finger.

Harry is in shock. Worried about how this could affect his job as a medical practitioner, something he had worked so hard to achieve. He follows the hospital’s Needlestick Injury protocol which includes being tested for HIV.

As he waits for his results he becomes mentally distressed and is unable to work. After continuous testing the news is broken to Harry that sero-conversion has occurred.

Harry can claim a Lump Sum payment of $1 million under his Life Cover benefit for contracting HIV.

After stabilising his condition by following a treatment regime combining anti-HIV medication and professional counselling, Harry is ready to go back to work. Harry is bound by his Medical Board to disclose his condition to his patients and as result he experiences a decrease in earnings due to loss of patients. Due to this, he is able to claim under the Needlestick Injury benefit under his Income Protection policy.

In most cases the actual risk of contracting HIV, Hep B or C pathogens following a needlestick injury is low. However, having statistics on your side does not lessen the anguish of sustaining a needlestick injury. No matter how low risk the needlestick injury may be it may still cause you significant distress.

More Information

There is no doubt that doctors insurance is a complex subject, and for that reason it is important for doctors and other medical professionals to seek specialist advice regarding their personal insurance needs.

Here at Dr Insurance we can put you in contact with a suitable professional who understands the insurance needs of doctors and can assist you with advice and service on the right insurance to meet your needs and your budget.

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Please note that the information in this article has been provided as a news item only and should not be seen in any way as advice or a recommendation. Your personal needs have not been taken into account when putting this article together.

The details were provided in a release by AIA Australia dated 8 Mau 2012 and are subject to change.